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Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting?

What is Web Hosting, you ask? Web Hosting allows for your website to be seen by others on the internet. It is a place where you can put the files of your website so that it can be seen by people on the internet. Columbus Host offers a wide variety of web hosting plans to meet your web hosting needs, all at very reasonable, and affordable prices. We offer three basic  options:

  1. Economy Plan: The Economy web hosting plan includes 10 GB of space, 300 GB of transfer, 100 Email Accounts, and 10 MySQL Databases.
  • 12 mo. - $ 4.70/mo.
  • 24 mo. - $ 4.45/mo.
  • 36 mo. - $ 4.24/mo.
  1. Deluxe Plan: The Deluxe web hosting plan includes 150 GB of space, 1500 GB of transfer, 500 Email Accounts, and 25 MySQL Databases.
  • 12 mo. - $ 6.60/mo.
  • 24 mo. - $ 6.25/mo.
  • 36 mo. - $ 5.90/mo.
  1. Unlimited Plan: The Unlimited web hosting plan includes Unlimited space and transfer, 1000 Email Accounts, and Unlimited MySQL Databases.
  • 12 mo. - $ 13.49/mo.
  • 24 mo. - $ 11.99/mo.
  • 36 mo. - $ 10.49/mo.
Columbus Web Hosting

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All three of our web hosting plans are available on either a Linux or Windows Server. Please see our Web Hosting shopping cart page for more details. In addition to the three basic web host plans, we also offer 3 Virtual Dedicated Server web hosting options, and 3 Virtual Server web hosting options for those who need more control over your own hosting. You can be your own web host!

Columbus Host is Web Hosting Company located in Columbus, Ohio.

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